Soft & Beautiful No-Lye Ultimate Conditioning Relaxer System


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Soft & Beautiful

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Ultimate protection for healthy-looking hair. Protects as it Straightens: Our exclusive blend of five emollients and emulsifiers creates a layer of protection during relaxing, when your hair needs it the most. This blend helps guard against damage and leaves your hair soft, silky and healthy-looking. Formulated to protect hair during relaxing process. Minimizes damage & breakage.


  • Protective Gel
  • S&B Protection Pre-Treatment
  • Soft & Beautiful No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer
  • Soft & Beautiful Liquid Activator
  • S&B Color Code Neutralizing Decalcifying Shampoo
  • HMC (Hair Moisturizing Complex)
  • Soft & Beautiful Leave-In Conditioner


Made in the U.S.A.