Han's Wooden Wick Candle (Bamboo + Coconut)


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Han's Home Fragrances

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100% Soy Wax Candle

Enjoy our made-in-house soy wax candle at any time!! Fragrances are strong but not overpowering. Light one for a nice relaxing moment after a long day or to set that peaceful mood while in the bath.

Our wooden wicks give that subtle crackling sound like music to your ears--making you feel at peace, like sitting in front of a fireplace.


Bamboo & Coconut brings together the essence of fresh bamboo & smooth sweet coconut. This fragrance helps you to escape your world & drops you into a tropical spa paradise!!

Bamboo & Coconut fragrance notes


  • Spearmint, pineapple


  • Bamboo, green floral


  • Coconut, coconut milk