BURBERRY Type Body Oil (Akim's)


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  • 0.5 oz.
  • Body oil interpretation of Burberry
  • Women's fragrance:sweet mixture of tart black currant, green apple, and honeyed tones of ripe peach, apricot, and pear. As it dries down, you'll detect notes of jasmine, oakmoss, and soft sandalwood layered over spiced cedar and vanilla.
  • Men's fragrance: sophisticated yet subtle woody aromatic scent reminiscent of the ideal of the classic barbershop. Burberry perfume for men opens with an herbal mix of thyme, lavender, mint leaf, and bergamot that's soft and fresh. As the fragrance begins to settle, notes of cedar, sandalwood, geranium, jasmine, and oakmoss emerge, followed by a base of vanilla, light musk, and amber for a warm and satisfying finish.