Cherry Blossom 3D Silk Eyelashes


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Kana Cosmetics

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These silk eyelashes are incredibly natural-looking, ultra-soft, and comfortable. Handcrafted with a soft cotton band, these lashes are super flexible and easy to apply, even for beginners. Meticulously crafted to be incredibly resilient and worn multiple times! Say goodbye to disposable one-time-use falsies.

  • Reusable / Soft / Durable
  • Made with Soft and Hypoallergenic Silk
  • Premium Lashes

How To Use

    1. Prep and Measure: Gently remove lashes from the tray, measure lash to fit the length of your eyelid.
    2. Trim to size: Trim the lash band just shy of your natural eye length. Trim from the outer corner to maintain the style.
    3. Apply Stuck On You Lash Adhesive: Brush a thin layer to the band, allowing the glue to become tacky before application.
    4. Apply lashes: Secure lash band by pressing onto the lash line.